Monday, September 1, 2008

What new in Fitness equipment.

Hey Guy it is your fitness guru. There are some new and exciting fitness and exercise equipment coming to the market place. All About Fitness has them all. First lets start with the Teadmills. True Fitness is bring out the newly remolded 2009 line. The also have great deals on there older line. SportArt is bring the upper/ lower body recumbent bike to the home market. The model is called the XT-50 Trainer. What a workout it provides.

Home gyms, the company's called BodyCraft and TuffStuff are among the best out in the market today. BodyCraft has brought the world of free weight lifting to the home gym market. It is called ABS. It allow the bench bar to move freely. This use the stabilization muscles more. The name of the gym is the elite. It is out of this world. Other gyms made by TuffStuff Fitness are good as well. The home gym like the smith machine CXT-100. This system combine a smith press with a cable crossover, all in a small space. Gyms are the AXT-2, AXT-2.5, AXT 3 and AXT-4. All About Fitness can assist you find just the right one for your home or business.