Sunday, March 2, 2008

Exercise bike who got the best and at what price

The exercise bikes have always been strong in the fitness equipment sales market. The price tags are great. Bikes that cost $3000.00 now run $1295-$1695.00. Here @ we have the best selection of bike in today's market. Let us start with the famous word "LifeCycle", what does that work mean; It means that the bike operates using a computer head board, that has simulations of the average outdoor bike ride.

The top bikes out there today are Bremshey, Tunturi, BH Fitness, SportsArt, And the special Cateye Game Bikes. They each offer something different for the end user. The seat is the most important thing on a bike, next the ease of use. Some the wight of the bike to make it feel sturdy. Call at anytime to learn more about fitness and exercise bikes.

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