Monday, September 1, 2008

What new in Fitness equipment.

Hey Guy it is your fitness guru. There are some new and exciting fitness and exercise equipment coming to the market place. All About Fitness has them all. First lets start with the Teadmills. True Fitness is bring out the newly remolded 2009 line. The also have great deals on there older line. SportArt is bring the upper/ lower body recumbent bike to the home market. The model is called the XT-50 Trainer. What a workout it provides.

Home gyms, the company's called BodyCraft and TuffStuff are among the best out in the market today. BodyCraft has brought the world of free weight lifting to the home gym market. It is called ABS. It allow the bench bar to move freely. This use the stabilization muscles more. The name of the gym is the elite. It is out of this world. Other gyms made by TuffStuff Fitness are good as well. The home gym like the smith machine CXT-100. This system combine a smith press with a cable crossover, all in a small space. Gyms are the AXT-2, AXT-2.5, AXT 3 and AXT-4. All About Fitness can assist you find just the right one for your home or business.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spinning loses weight. Get in to spinning.

Spinning is an advanced exercise bike workout. It can be taken in many different formats, from easy to expert. Whether you like to bike indoors or outdoors, everyone can take spinng bike classes. The spinning bikes in the market today can be good and can be bad. Th god spinning bikes are bikes like the velocity, momentum by FMI. The schwinn bikes are pretty good, like the IC Pro and the Elite spinning bikes. I suggest if looking for a way to loose weight fast and safe then try spinning bikes like the velocity .

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Exercise bike who got the best and at what price

The exercise bikes have always been strong in the fitness equipment sales market. The price tags are great. Bikes that cost $3000.00 now run $1295-$1695.00. Here @ we have the best selection of bike in today's market. Let us start with the famous word "LifeCycle", what does that work mean; It means that the bike operates using a computer head board, that has simulations of the average outdoor bike ride.

The top bikes out there today are Bremshey, Tunturi, BH Fitness, SportsArt, And the special Cateye Game Bikes. They each offer something different for the end user. The seat is the most important thing on a bike, next the ease of use. Some the wight of the bike to make it feel sturdy. Call at anytime to learn more about fitness and exercise bikes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

home gym or real gym which is best!!!

We think that going to the gym is a pain in the neck. Some people go to the gym so they can talk with their friends. Others go for the social demention. The reason you your there is to lose weight, and get or stay in shape. The equipment at the high end gym use to be the best. That is just not true any longer. The amount of money that is spent on home gym equipment, has changed that. The big fitness equipment companies are after that money now.

Here @ we have found that the equipment made today for the home is far better than what is in the clubs of today. It will fit you body better. Rather it is not made for everyone to fit!! For the home gyms we recommend the BodyCraft home gym line. This home gym line offers the best of the best for both men and women.

For the elliptical we @ say the Bh Fitness X8 or X6. The Landice Elliptimills. and the BodyGuard E250X

We will post later to finish this or call 1-888-748-6001 for more info

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stay awy from some elliptical trainers

It is not our recomendation for anyone to buy eliptical trainers under $799.00. They just do not hold up to normal use. Please stay away from the elliptical by the name of Quantum Fitness. The models are the 210C and the 210H. The Quantum Fitness ellipticals have had to many problems to list. The comapny response has not been good as well to fixing the problems. This is our professional opinion.

treadmills vs elliptical trainers

Well what is the right answer to this question so many have asked us here at . After a close look at the treadmill, and many makers of treadmills sucha as Bremshey, Tunturi, Landice, DiamondBack, Nautilus, BodyCraft, Bh Fitness, Precor, LifeFitness, True, Horizon, Vision Fitness, and the many other other off brands.

The staff @ looked at the many elliptical trainers on the market as well such as: Precor, Quantum Fitness, BodyGuard Fitness, Bremshey, BH Fitness, Landice, Horizon, and many other off brands as well.

Our conclusion is @ the treadmills is the clear winner. The imput of musclar and cardio engry, place the treadmill at the top of the fitness equipment food chain. The eliptical trainer is great for those of us that are bang up a little. It works great for the cardio side of the workout.

Ellipticals are changing quickly and therefor they will be moving up the chain fast.

Suggestion for great treadmills are as follows: Landice, Bremshey, BodyCraft, Nautilus, BodyGuard, BH Fitness.

Ellipticals are : BodyGuard, Bremshey, BH Fitness, Landice, Smooth